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Should we back the underdogs?

In general most of the punters around the world prefer to bet on the favorites and avoid betting on underdogs. The most likely reason for such behavior is the natural desire to make more winnings, albeit the fact more of the bets are on smaller odds. However, what would happen if the bettors choose to bet on the outsiders in their matches against far stronger teams? This is the topic we are going to discuss in this post.

A few days ago while I was browsing the internet looking for interesting betting articles I came across an article showing the results of bets placed only for the outsiders. In this article an outsider is considered as a team whose odds of winning is higher than 3.5, regardless home or away the match is played.

A quick look at the results shows that overall this is not a very bad idea, at least not for England from whose four professional divisions the results had been collected. In practice, it turns out that there are teams that brought more than 60% pure profit per season if a punter backs them when they are put by the bookmakers in the role of outsiders. Of course, there are many teams that made losses too and if the punter continues backing them he or she will lose the entire betting bank.

Here are more details. The betting system I studied in the publication suggests using a small separate bank for each team in England. Through this bank a bet is made for every team when it is placed in the role of an outsider with odds of 3.5 or more. If betting on this team is so unprofitable that bankrupts its own separate bank, then no more bets for the team is being done.

When you draw the line and calculate all winnings and losses, you will get the following results. The bets are made for 123 teams, with each bet is one unit. At the end of the season, it turns out that the total profit is around 17 units. The bank that each team had was 8 units, which made a total of 984 units. This in turn makes profit at the end of the season around 1.7%, which is insignificantly small, but ultimately it’s something.

In any case, the approach to this system is interesting, but what is more important, it shows an excellent way to detect winning patterns, which is already good news. That’s why I intend to try finding more details about this system, for which I will write in more details later.

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Stoke and West Ham to finish without a winner

Stoke City welcomes West Ham in a match from the 30th round of the English Premier League. Until the last few rounds, both teams were in danger of being relegated into the Championship, but with some good matches they are on six points above the relegation zone. Stoke lost just four of their last ten matches in the league, while West Ham are even better with just three losses in the recent months.

Stoke recorded prestigious victories over Arsenal and Manchester United, while West Ham have made four consecutive wins in February.

Anyone who watched the matches of Stoke and West Ham and knows the work of both managers Mark Hughes and Sam Allardyce knows that these two teams are among the last few which practice the typical English football with many battles, crosses and not so many goals.

This is shown by the statistics, according to which in the last three head to head matches the two teams have scored only four goals and all three matches have ended with less than 2.5 goals scored by both teams. The last time when in a West Ham match as a guest were scored more than two goals came on the first day of 2014 when the Hammers lost by 2-1 to Fulham. The hosts from Stoke haven’t score more than a goal in their last two matches at Britannia Stadium.

What do the bookies offer for this seemingly obvious bet on under 2.5 goals scored by both teams? Bet at home offers 1.55, while the bet365’s proposal is 1.57. The most generous is William Hill, which offers 1.6.

The odds are not very good and a possible bet on the goal markets seems not justified. Unfortunately, all possible bets on the final outcome of the match are too unpredictable for making a really good bet.

However, if you want to bet on this match, my advice is to bet with small amount and to bet on a draw between Stoke and West Ham. The proposal for this bet with all three bookmakers is 3.2, which is not very good, but this is the world of betting.

The decision is yours.

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Martingale explained and how we can use it

If you love risky betting and one of your favorite betting money management systems is Martingale then this article is exactly for you. It will help you estimate more accurately the exact probability to fall in a streak of losing bets by which to lose money when betting with Martingale.

For those who don’t know, Martingale money management sports betting system guides you to continually increase the stakes seeking when finally hit a success bet to return of all invested money so far plus a predetermined amount as a pure profit. Probably this is the most famous betting system as it offers good opportunities for profit, though all who tried it one day loss their entire bank, because they fell in a too long losing streak.

Anyway, in sports betting everything has to be carefully evaluated before the start of betting with real money and this is why it is good to check out this Streak Calculator. it will help you calculate the exact probability of falling into a long streak of losing bets, which if you bet with Martingale would be fatal for your bank.

This Streak Calculator is very easy to use. You need to enter few numbers and that is. On the first line you should enter the value of the total number of bets you are going to do. On the second line you need to enter the length of the streak that you can afford without bankrupting and on the third one the percentage for losing every single bet. From now on you need only to click Calculate and you’re done.

The Streak Calculator automatically gives you the percentages to enter in a similar series of losing bets and thus lose all yours money.

An example at the end of the article. Let’s say you are going to make 100 bets and the biggest losing streak you can afford is 6 bets. Your chance for losing a single bet is 55%. When you enter the numbers you would find out that your real chance to enter in a series of losing bets is exactly 72%.

You can do the math by yourself does it worth to bet with Martingale or not.

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