Martingale explained and how we can use it

If you love risky betting and one of your favorite betting money management systems is Martingale then this article is exactly for you. It will help you estimate more accurately the exact probability to fall in a streak of losing bets by which to lose money when betting with Martingale.

For those who don’t know, Martingale money management sports betting system guides you to continually increase the stakes seeking when finally hit a success bet to return of all invested money so far plus a predetermined amount as a pure profit. Probably this is the most famous betting system as it offers good opportunities for profit, though all who tried it one day loss their entire bank, because they fell in a too long losing streak.

Anyway, in sports betting everything has to be carefully evaluated before the start of betting with real money and this is why it is good to check out this Streak Calculator. it will help you calculate the exact probability of falling into a long streak of losing bets, which if you bet with Martingale would be fatal for your bank.

This Streak Calculator is very easy to use. You need to enter few numbers and that is. On the first line you should enter the value of the total number of bets you are going to do. On the second line you need to enter the length of the streak that you can afford without bankrupting and on the third one the percentage for losing every single bet. From now on you need only to click Calculate and you’re done.

The Streak Calculator automatically gives you the percentages to enter in a similar series of losing bets and thus lose all yours money.

An example at the end of the article. Let’s say you are going to make 100 bets and the biggest losing streak you can afford is 6 bets. Your chance for losing a single bet is 55%. When you enter the numbers you would find out that your real chance to enter in a series of losing bets is exactly 72%.

You can do the math by yourself does it worth to bet with Martingale or not.

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